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Massage Magic!  I received my best massage ever. It was not at all the normal process but rather felt very tailored to my needs. Very knowledgeable with regards to cranial pain, TMJ and the muscle pain that goes along with that condition. I felt total relief in my face, neck and shoulders for the first time in a very long time. I highly recommend their wonderful establishment.- P.E.- 10/2016

Praise for Lora I have been going to Lora for years to help me get through pain and muscle tightness. I have chronic and worsening arthritis, but I don't want the condition to slow me down. Lora has always given me relief from painful joints, stiffness, and aching muscles when I overuse them. Last year, she treated me for muscles spasms and torn ligaments. She has an insight into the exact site of the pain and how to relieve the pressure.-M.C.- 6/2016

Therapeutic Care really cares !  I have been going to see Lora and Donna for several years. I see Lora for my back and neck and Donna for my cranial issues regarding headaches. Lora and Donna really do remember their customers from one massage to the next and they both seem to know my issues without me even having to say what is currently bothering me. I just saw Lora for my back and for issues caused from my broken rib. I will be seeing Donna soon to help eliminate this horrible headache. I recommend both Lora and Donna.-L.B.- 6/2016

I had an amazing experience at Therapeuticare, Lora Russell was amazing. The best massage I've had in a very long time. I'm looking forward to my next one. I highly recommend this place and especially Lora Russell.-P.A.- 4/2016

I was referred to Lora for ongoing orthopedic and balance problems that kept reoccurring.  Lora’s Bach Flower massages work very well for me. They have helped me feel stronger physically, reduce stress, sleep better, and feel more focused.  Lora is incredibly intuitive, a great educator and comes up with individual approaches. I find that the Bach Flowers offer a true mind/body connection, which I like. I would suggest you ask Lora about Bach Flower massages if you have not already tried this type of massage.  I am really glad I was introduced to this approach.- K.S.- 3/2016

I have been going to Lora and Donna for several years now. No matter what the ailment, they always manages to fix it and I walk out of there a new person every time. I have had multiple injuries and multiple surgeries and after each occurrence I purchase a set of 5 appointments (you get a discount that way) Lora and Donna are both fabulous therapists. The rooms are always clean and have a very comfortable bed and calming music.- L.B.- 8/2015

Have been a client of Lora's for over 10 years. She is a wonderfully talented masseuse. Her personality and spirit make you feel extremely welcomed and totally comfortable. I love the new space...would and have recommended her to many people.-L.M.-3/2015

Lora is outstanding in delivering pain relief, and effective techniques to relieve stressed muscles. Can't praise her work enough because it's so hard to find that level of professionalism.-M.C.-12/2014

I have been going to Lora for years, I love her! I try to pre-empt pain, a regular massage helps. When I'm already in pain, Lora is great at finding the pain points and relieving the discomfort-M.N.-11/2014

Lora and I go way back. I came to Lora many years ago with neck and shoulder pain. Yesterday, I saw Lora for a message on my lower back. I've had lower back pain for months. She really helped by working areas that I didn't know were so tight. She asked many questions during my message to pin point sore areas and worked them longer. She also checked my alignment to make sure that this was only muscle related. Today my back feels so much better!!! Thanks Lora!!!-A.W.- 3/2014

I've been seeing Lora regularly for more than five years now, and she's the best I've encountered: professional, relaxing, knowledgable. I always feel comfortable with her, and she really knows how to give a great massage. (Reissage is pretty wonderful too).-M.O.-12/2013

Yesterday I had a Reissage in which Lora also incorporated Bach Flower essences. So relaxing and wonderful! -M.F.- 7/2013

I have been going to TherapeutiCare for several years now for a multitude of medical issues. No matter which therapist I use, I have always come out feeling significantly better than when I went in. The staff listens to my needs and adjust their routine and technique to fit that need. I highly recommend anyone who just needs a relaxing hour out or who has a medical issue that can benefit from massage therapy to try TherapeutiCare. You won't be disappointed. -L.B.- 7/2013

Lora was amazing, gentle and strong all at the same time. She touched things I didn't know I even had on my body.  She was a wonderful massage therapist and I highly recommend her!- A.R. -11/2012

Lora consistenly delivers relief to aching muscles and solid information about muscles, joints, and movement. She has a calming effect in her demeanor and her massage technique is fantastic.-M.C.- 2/2012

I have been a client of lora for approximately 10 or so years. She is very professional, friendly and knowlegable. I have not had any reservations on reccomending her work to anyone I care for. she is a valued member of my healthcare team.- Gerry P- 4/2011

Lora gives such relaxing massages. I almost fell asleep last time. Lora is kind and listens to your needs. She gives top quality massages. I highly recommend her!!!-Raquel M- 3/2011

I have known Lora for about 1 year and she has been instrumental for my level of comfort I am experiencing with a degenerative arthritic hip. Her knowlege, intuitiveness, professionsionalism, and communication skills are exemplary. I am by nature a need-to-know person and her willingness to educate me has been a great comfort and help. Do not hesistate to secure her services; you will not be disappointed- Michelle P- 1/2011

My Reiki experience at TherapeutiCare was exactly what I needed and expected. Lora is very personable and professional. I had not been in several months but she remembered me. She asks questions at the end of the session and explains how the Reiki was working in that particular session and what to consciously be aware of afterward. I would recommend her to anyone and have an appointment set up for next month- H.P.- 8/2010

I recently had reflexology and a back/neck massage with Lora and I can't wait to go back again. Very peaceful and relaxing and took all my aches and pains away. Lora makes you feel very comfortable and has a very calming way. She's also very knowledgeable about the human body and can help with other issues you may be having. -Pat F- 2/2010


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