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The Yellow Treatments- Reflexology

We have categorized our treatments based upon the Chakra system of the body.  This color coded energetic component of the body gives another avenue to explore, discover and enhance one’s understanding of their body.  Brief explanations of how each set of treatments corresponds to each of the major 7 chakra are given.

The Yellow Treatments:   Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus chakra.   This chakra governs our will, our determination to get better and take control of our health.  Our ancestors used the ancient art of Reflexology to clear and encourage the systems of the entire body to release and de-stress providing a whole  body sense of well being.


Reflexology is a gentle and extremely effective form of therapeutic foot massage.  Dating back to the early Egyptians, Reflexology utilizes points held and massaged on the feet to stimulate the organs and systems of the body, instilling a sense of overall whole body well being.

How does Reflexology work?

Firm pressure is applied to the relevant reflex area using both specific thumb and finger techniques.  This causes physiological changes to take place in the body stimulating the body’s own healing potential.  A good practitioner needs sensitive hands, a genuine desire to ease the client’s pain and suffering, compassion, intuition and an understanding of human nature.


People of any age can derive positive benefits from Reflexology.  Reflexology can do no harm, although caution must be taken with thrombosis, diabetes and pregnancy.  No two people are the same therefore what may benefit one may not have the same effect upon another.

¨ Stress: Approx 70% of disorders can be related to stress and nerve tension.  Reflexology induces a deep relaxation, allowing the nervous system to function normally and free the body to seek homeostasis – a powerful antidote to stress. A relaxed body can heal itself — reflexology is a guaranteed method of relaxing the body and balancing the biological systems.

¨ The entire body systems: by increasing the state of relaxation, Reflexology helps allow all the body systems – including excretory systems – to function efficiently by allowing them to thoroughly eliminate toxins and impurities.

¨ Pain control: Reflexology encourages the brain to produce more endorphins.  The pressure acts to confuse the body with too many sensations, forcing the body to close the “pain gates”.  This interrupts the pain cycle, thus easing pain and helps the body to relax.

¨ Preventive therapy: treatments at regular intervals can assist the body in maintaining a balanced state and prevent slight imbalances from becoming problematic.

What to expect during a session

The client sits or lies comfortably with lower legs well supported, fully clothed with the removal of shoes, sock, pantyhose or stockings.  It is encouraged to only loosen tight garments so as not to hinder circulation.

The first physical contact is a gentle stroking movement and general welcoming of the feet.  Each foot is worked in turn, beginning with the right, working through all the reflexes activating the organs and body systems.  Sensations vary with each individual from a dull ache, discomfort, tightness to firm pressure.  The treatment should never be painful or cause any discomfort; pressure will be adjusted to suit each individual’s needs.  No matter what the sensations, reflexology is always effective and should leave the person feeling light, tingly, relaxed and very pampered.

People differ and so do their reactions.  Reactions immediately following reflexology are largely pleasant leaving the client feeling calm and relaxed, energized or rejuvenated.  However, as Reflexology activates the body’s own healing power, some unpleasant reactions (such as nausea, tiredness, headaches, disrupted sleep patterns – either deeper or frequent bouts of energetic wakefulness) may be inevitable as the body rids itself of built up toxins.  The severity of reactions depends largely on the degree of imbalance, but should never be radical.  The most common phrase following a treatment is “I have never slept so well!”

Please note: Reflexologists never diagnose or treat specific diseases.  Reflexology helps eliminate problems by bringing the body back into a state of balance, which can combat a number of symptoms.  Tender reflexes indicate only which parts of the body are congested or out of balance, NOT specific disorders or a diagnosis of any kind.  It is important to be aware of this.


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