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The Orange Treatments- Spa Therapies

We have categorized our treatments based upon the Chakra system of the body.  This color coded energetic component of the body gives another avenue to explore, discover and enhance one’s understanding of their body.  Brief explanations of how each set of treatments corresponds to each of the major 7 chakra are given.

The Orange Treatments:   Orange is the color for the Sacral chakra.   This chakra governs our sensual side– the part of us that enjoys being covered in mud, looking our best and playing with our food.  Indulge these most primal senses with our Spa Treatments!


Spa Therapies

From Face Rejuvenations, Full Body Exfoliations to Body Wraps, these treatments help condition one's skin against the elements of our wonderful New England weather.

Face Rejuvenation

Choose a Cleanser, Mask, Toner and Moisturizer from our elegant Botanical ScienceTM collection. Then just Relax and Treat your face to the same stress reduction therapy as you would your body.


Our faces  carry more stress than we realize.  From furrowing our brows in thought to stress induced TMJ and Sinus Headaches, our facial muscles take the brunt of our outward expression of our emotions.   In order to do our part in helping relieve this stress , we have taken an average daily cleansing protocol and created a wonderfully pampering 1/2 hour session dedicated to your face.

*We are not aestheticians. This treatment is only intended to relieve stress.  We do not remove anything from the skin that will not normally be removed by normal movement (i.e. dead skin cells).  We cannot determine your unique skin condition (oily, dry, mixed etc).  We can only recommend one of our products based upon your knowledge of your skin condition. If you desire to know exactly what your skin condition truly is, please visit your local aesthetician or dermatologist.

What to expect during a session

You sits or lies comfortably fully clothed, a towel surrounding and protecting hair and clothing.  Make up will be removed with the process, therefore you may need to bring some so you can reapply it after the session if desired.

Body Exfoliations

This one hour session of the delicate removal of the outer layer of skin with specialized exfoliation gloves and a re-hydrating massage will have your skin saying “ahhh”. 


Exfoliation  before a hydrating massage removes dead cells and surface debris. This promotes fresh, glowing, healthy new skin growth and decreases the depth of wrinkles – perfect for soothing dry winter skin or after long sessions in the sun.

What to expect during a session

Similar to massage, you will be comfortably  and modestly draped, having only the part of the body exposed that is receiving treatment.

Body Wraps

Immerse your senses in Mud, Seaweed or Chocolate and embrace these ancient methods of re-mineralizing the body


Mud Wrap: Do you remember the squish of mud on your skin? Now as an adult, realize again the benefits of mud for your skin and wellbeing.  Natural minerals and trace elements stimulate the lymphatic system and release toxins, leaving the skin firm, refined, and rejuvenated.  Botanical rich mud hydrates, softens and gently exfoliates dull skin.   So go ahead, GET MUDDY!

Seaweed Wrap: Ahh..the smell of the sea. Bring yourself back to glorious vacation days at the beach.  Rich in iodine, vitamins, minerals and proteins, Seaweed replenishes the body's systems as well as enhances the skin's natural smoothness and softness.  A blend of sea algae, spirulina, clay, sea salt and brewers yeast for vigorous detoxification, nourishes and tones all skin types making it excellent for cellulite. *Unfortunately not available for those with an allergy to iodine

Chocolate Mud Wrap:  Caffeine rich chocolate acts a diuretic, releasing toxins to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Combine this with the natural minerals and trace elements of botanical mud and the intoxicating scent of chocolate cake or chocolate mint, this wrap proves to pamper both the body and the mind.  Who knew Chocolate could be sooo good for you! 

What to expect during a session

Comfortably relaxing on your back, proper draping is situated to ensure decency.   You will then be helped into a seated position, in order for full exfoliation and product application to your back.  After returning to that relaxed lying position, glove exfoliation of the skin and the product chosen is gently applied with brushes to ensure full coverage.   Once full coverage is complete, you are embraced by a cellophane wrap designed to aid in the detoxification process by locking in heat, moisture, vitamins and minerals.  Your head and face or your feet (whichever you prefer) are then pampered as you relax and allow the product and wrap to bring your body its unique benefits.  After an allocated amount of time, you will be released from your wrap and the product will be removed with warm, moist towels leaving you and your body refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed.

*Please note: If you are claustrophobic Body wraps may be  difficult for you, but not necessarily impossible.  We will work with each individual to ensure comfort and effective application of all our bodywork treatments.








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